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Principal's Message

Welcome to the Colquitt County Achievement Center Website!

I would like to thank you for taking the time to look inside our very unique learning environment.  Here at CCAC, we offer a blended learning educational experience combining:  direct teacher instruction, web-based APEX on-line learning, community service, and service learning projects.  Our student population currently ranges from middle school to twelfth grades.

Our students come to us for a variety of reasons. As a result, we tailor our instruction to each individual student's needs and their goals for the future.  Our staff of professional educators create a Personal Learning Plan (PLP) for each individual student.  The PLP is designed to afford students a menu of options including returning them to their regular school, graduation from Colquitt County Achievement Center, preparing them for the world of work, and/or continuing their education beyond high school.

As a staff our desire is for our students to have every advantage afforded students in the regular education setting.  We are a technology-based, wireless learning environment providing our students with iPads, APEX Learning curriculum, Oddyseeware and individual GoogleApps accounts.

Our staff believes the "Rigor, Relevance, and Relationship" model is the framework to accomplish our goals.  We do not view our school as an alternative to the regular school environment.  Our students and staff collectively see CCAC as "a school of alternatives" and we strive every day to meet the needs of each individual student.

We welcome the opportunity to work with both students and parents in a unified effort to make all students successful and productive citizens

Again, welcome to Colquitt County Achievement Center!


Darius W. Dawson, Ed.S.

Principal, Colquitt County Achievement Center

A Non-Traditional Program

  • Overview


    The Colquitt County Achievement Center serves 6th through 12th grade students who have been expelled from their home schools.   The Achievement Center, in partnership with Colquitt County High School, C.A. Gray Junior High School, and Willie J. Williams Middle School, is committed to helping our young students achieve at high levels by providing a society of support to students who have not been successful in the regular classroom.  The Colquitt County Achievement Center is also partnered with Moultrie Technical College to increase the instructional and vocational resources available to our student body.

    The Achievement Center provides a supportive, content-rich environment, and offers assistance and support to those students who are transitioning back to their home schools, college, or career. The school offers a comprehensive curriculum that is aligned with that of the Colquitt County School System. Students are prepared to return to the home-school having received competitive academic standards as well as remedial assistance as needed.

    In accordance with disciplinary terms, students in the Achievement Center are restricted from school events, sports and clubs while attending.

    School Mission

    The mission of Colquitt County Achievement Center is to unite home and school to meet the student’s academic, social, and emotional needs while preparing them to be responsible citizens.


    School Goals

    The goal of Colquitt County Achievement Center is to develop the academic, social, and cognitive abilities of each student. We believe the best way to increase the academic success of our students is to address the social and emotional needs of our students. We strive to develop in our students lasting qualities of responsible citizenship: self-esteem, trust, self-discipline, and respect of others.

    We do this by: promoting conflict resolution skills, strengthening parent-child relationships, and requiring a high academic purpose for dedicated, achieving students.

    Unique Assets

    The Colquitt County Achievement Center has the privilege of maintaining a small class size. The student-teacher ratio is kept below one to fifteen in the majority of classes. This allows teachers to instruct and evaluate students on an individual basis. The emphasis at Colquitt County Achievement Center is upon academic success; instructional time is protected though many programs designed to help students resolve external and internal conflict disruptive to their learning.